From our hands...

Expertly Sourced

During her travels, Victoria explores markets, auctions, estate sales, and other unique locales to find beautiful beads and findings, and showstopping vintage ornaments. Authentic Art Deco medallions and *__ find new life, reimagined into elegant, edgy adornments.

Wood, stone, leather, bone, coral, glass, pearl, silk, and precious metal remain at the core of VNG's artistry.

Lovingly Crafted

The highest quality materials are brought together stitch by stitch in Victoria's Beverly Hills studio to create each induplicable piece. Through knitting, macrome, crochet, sewing, and other means, each VNG cuff, collar, belt, band, or rope takes form.

BH_VNG.JPG yours

Expect Something Wonderful

We are so excited for you to take home your special piece of our hearts! Here are a few tips on getting the most love from your new _*_piece:

  • VNG pieces reimagine existing jewelry in new and exciting ways. We want you to continue to do the same: wear your Cuff as a Choker; wear your Belt as a Headband... the possibilities are endless, and we look forward to seeing you style it YOUR way.
  • Each piece is hand-crocheted, meaning there may be natural variations in the stitches. You can literally massage away any unevenness that may come with wear.
  • Like a pair of great Italian shoes, the leather will soften as you break it in. Your natural heat and oils are the missing ingredient from the crafting process, and bring each piece to life. Likewise, oxidation lends a beautiful patina and should be celebrated accordingly.
  • Simple maintenance includes: *__

Phone a Friend

A VNG piece is a conversation starter, for sure... and we really do hope you'll be in touch with us, too!

Like us, each VNG piece is both beautiful AND strong. We make every effort to secure each part of each piece, but due to the nature of upcycling these fabulous vintage finds, an occasional rhinestone may stray or an errant tie break free.

Please reach out immediately if you have any questions, including cleaning, maintenance, and leather care; or customization and commission work.